How does it work?

Robult past payment trends are analysed by pooling data from multiple business sources and automated anomaly detection

Broader overview of the customer is generated by categorisation into On-time, Delayed and At-Risk payers

70% of Receivable tasks are automated including personalised reminders on Whatsapp, Email and SMS

Data Driven Account Receivables

Enable seamless interaction of AR teams with customers by using predictive analytics to improve overall process efficiency

Identify Routinely Targy Customers

FMP gives a better understanding of payment trends with AI-powered customer classification

Optimize Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Incentivise customers with shorter payment terms and observe improvement in Days sales outstanding 

Personalized dunning on Whatsapp for a positive customer experience

Use customer classification feature to personalised reminder workflows based on type, payment trends and other parameters that cater to your business needs.

Send Reminders on Whatsapp - One click payment

With FMP – Be present where your customers are. We provide highly personalised whatsapp templates and payment integration to accelerate cash flows

Customer Group based messaging

Configure custom reminder workflows to ensure customers receive dunning reminders based on payment behaviour

How much cashflow can you generate with FMP? Let us analyse

Our team of expert financial analysts will deep dive into your current receivable process and quantify
the value you can generate with FetchMyPayments receivable automation!

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