How does it work?

Customers are provided with a host of payment integrations to reduce inertia and accelerate payment processing. Transactions are automatically matched against open invoices through the FMP Reconciliation module

Visualise the complete invoice journey from generation to payment collection on FMP Payment Dashboard. Get real-time insights on points of efficiency lag that impact the overall Days sales outstanding

Payment dashboard provides a management level view of the entire A/R process including KPIs such as Days Sales Outstanding, Average time to payment receipt.

Grow revenue to utmost potential

Customers often delay payments due to the hassle of payment channels. Streamlined Payment collection with FMP!

Streamlined Payment Collection

Get a high-level understanding of how your A/R is currently operating and boost productivity by using a single FMP platform to create invoices, dunning, payment collection and reconciliation. 

Revenue Optimization & Payment Analysis

Understand and remove the roadblocks in payment cycles. FMP Payment dashboard is an all-encompassing management level tool to take action and streamline your A/R process

Ready to scale Globally?

Enterprise ready A/R automation suite for you to become global scale ready from Day One!

Prevent Frauds

Get complete transparency of your payment cycle and eliminate any chance of fraud 

Solve disputes faster

Audit trails, payment tracking and Customer reports provide quick solution to disputes. A/R Reps can download reports and send to the customer!

Let us suggest five or more areas to transform A/R

Our team of expert financial analysts will deep dive into your current reconciliation process and quantify the value you can generate with FetchMyPayments receivable automation!

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