How does it work?

Select from a range of dunning templates crafted through our experience of customer payment behaviour or configure a custom reminder workflow. FetchMyPayments triggers customised emails based on actions taken by the customer. Significantly boost collection with automated reminders


Consistent dunning is known to accelerate payment collection by 82%. Sending follow-ups on Whatsapp can significantly improve response and collection rates. FetchMyPayments provides the option to configure reminder workflow on multiple channels, to ensure a timely, consistent and effective mode of following up on pending payments

Identify customer propensity to delay payments through the payment score assigned on the Fetch My Payments customer dashboard. This dynamic AI algorithm tracks multiple behavioural parameters including open and click of dunning reminders, past payment trends and other attributes

Make AI an integral part of your A/R

In the dynamically changing world of today, make processes efficient with AI powered FetchMyPayments 

Reporting & Analysis

Customer Dashboard provides a 360 degree overview of propensity to pay, past and expected payment trends

Multi-Channel Smart Dunning

Send reminders on multi-channel without going overboard. Customize behavioural based dunning with FetchMyPayments

Get complete visibility into your receivables processes

Identify the entire receivable process from a single management dahsboard and eliminate potential roadblocks

Management Level A/R Insight

With FMP you can use AI-insights on management dashboard to make data driven decisions to accelerate collections and setup smart workflows

Error Free and Automated Collection

We significantly reduce the risk of manual error and missed followups. Make your collections streamlined and consistent.

We can find five critical areas to automate your receivables!

Our team of expert financial analysts will deep dive into your current receivables process
and quantify the value you can generate with FetchMyPayments receivable automation!

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