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Create invoices with multiple complex scenarios – recurring invoices, create & schedule, customer integration without IT suport

Send payment reminders on Whatsapp, Email and SMS. Collect payment in one-click on multiple integated payment platforms.

Customer payment trends analysis with complete tracking integrated. Access invoices and files with comprehensive integrated CRM

FetchMyPayments AI to turbocharge customer experience

Streamline Finance with tools to automate 70% of manual tasks performed by A/R professionals

Payment Probability Analysis with a Pessimistic and Optimistic score

AI Powered Scoring of each customer’s probability to pay. FMP Provides a detailed breakdown of expected payment scenarios to keep you on top of A/R prediction

Invoice and Document History within customer view​

Customer Relationship Management system with Invoice history, tasks, and cases to provide a 360-degree user experience

Digital Payment Collection & Reconciliation

One-Click Payment collection and complete reconcilliation to save time searching through hundreds of transactions and matching against past invoices. Transform efficiency of finance & Save time!

One-Click Digital Payment

Digitize payment collection. FMP provides multiple integrated payment solutions – Stripe, RazorPay, Paypal and custom payment options

Payment Reconciliation

Streamlined matching of transactions with invoices. Predictive analytics that recommends uneven transaction patterns. Save time and prevent the chance of fraud with FMP

Let us analyse your customer payment trends and suggest five or more areas to transform A/R

Our team of expert financial analysts will deep dive into your current reconciliation process and quantify the value you can generate with Fetchmypayments receivable automation!

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